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Sealers and Cleaners


  • Eprosil: waterproof sealer that increases the resistance to mildew, mold, chemical, and salt attacks on surface material
    • available in 1 or 5 gallon containers 
  • Graffiti Control: protects concrete block and other surfaces from repeated graffiti attacks without altering the natural appearance
  • Siloxane Weatherseal: waterproof sealer that provides protection against water-related staining or deterioration
    • available in 1 or 5 gallon containers



  • Enviro Klean EIFS Clean: removes mud, algae, grease, oil, and food staining residues from exterior insulated finish systems
  • Manufactured Stone Cleaner: removes common construction and atmospheric staining from manufactured stone
  • Sure Klean 600: general purpose, acidic cleaner for brick, tile, and concrete surfaces
    • available in 1 or 5 gallon containers